Assisted reproduction: Complementary techniques

Embryoscope: the cutting-edge incubator

Embryoscope is the most advanced incubator and state-of-the-art technology applied in assisted reproduction medicine. It incorporates a camera that continuously captures images of the embryo cell division.

Incubatrice Embryoscope

What are the advantages of Embryoscope?

  • Less risk to lose embryos. Embryos can be observed without taking them out from the incubator to the microscope.
  • Better culture conditions. Embryos are kept in extremely stable conditions, without changes in temperature or pH.
  • More information about the embryos, which makes possible to select the embryos with a greater pregnancy potential.

Time lapse with Embryoscope

Thanks to Embryoscope, patients can have access to the very first images of their future babies. They will be able to see the development of the embryos in a time-lapse video.

Compatible techniques


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