Testimonials GIREXX

I did In Vitro Fertilisation by Egg Donation, through which I had a wonderful son and daughter. For me, they are the best part of my life and it is all thanks to you.


Testimonials GIREXX

My experience with Girexx has been very positive from day one. The staff are very attentive and pleasant, and the gynaecologist is fantastic. They explain things very well and if you have any doubts, call them and they will clear them quickly. Honestly, I am very happy. Everything worked out well and on the first try! My Alex is a wonderful boy. He is my little miracle. Thank you to all the staff at Girexx for making it possible.

Maria Celia

Testimonials GIREXX

My experience at the clinic was a miracle, an excellent team at personal treatment, which listens to the patient, with clear and precise explanations, and a fast and effective procedure. The result was my two amazing twins. Thank you everyone for this great experience.


Testimonials GIREXX

After 5 years of trying, we decided to listen to some friends who told us about GIREXX. Once here, we saw how simple the administrative steps, processes, medical tests, etcetera were and, after 3 inseminations, we achieved it. Now we are mothers to 2 adorable daughters who will turn 6 months on the 18th. We were delighted with the GIREXX clinic and its team, which we have recommended to lots of our friends who want to embark on this adventure... Thank you to all of the team and see you soon!


Testimonials GIREXX

A successful experience. A simple and professional approach. Interactions were very personal and friendly. It was a real emotional experience with an incredible result. Everything was positive!”


Testimonials GIREXX

Every time we came to the clinic, the staff were very friendly and welcoming. It was an immense relief when I saw that the test result was positive. Since then, my son is my inspiration, my reason to live, my sunshine. Thank you GIREXX for making this dream possible.”


Testimonials GIREXX

My experience with GIREXX was more than satisfactory: a team which listens, an extraordinary welcome, constant and professional monitoring. I was alone but I wanted to be a mother. I achieved my biggest wish. I did double donation IVF which had a positive result on the first try. I have now been a mother for 4 months. Thank you so much for helping make my dream a reality!”


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