Donor selection and control

Egg donors. Control and selection

In Spain, oocyte donation is regulated by law (Law 14/2006). At GIREXX, the selection process of egg donors is carried out in a very rigorous way observing the current regulations. Tests performed on donors:
  • Detailed personal and family medical history.
  • Exhaustive gynaecological examination.
  • Phenotype.
  • Vaginal ultrasound scan.
  • Smear test.
  • Blood tests following our protocol. (*)
  • Genetic test (kariotype).
Donors are rigorously assigned to their recipients in terms of blood group and Rh compatibility and the couple’s physiognomy traits. (*) Complete Blood Count, VSG, Prothrombin time, Cephalin time, Group and Rh, Glycemia, Urea, Creatinine, Uric acid, Cholesterol, VII coagulation factor, Triglycerides, Total bilirubin, Transaminases (SGOT/SGPT). PLAP, RPR, VDRL, Rubeola, Toxoplasmosis IgG, HBsAg, HCV Antibodies, HIV1/HIV2, FSH (3rd day of cycle), Karyotype in peripheral blood.