The most advanced incubator

The Embryoscope implies a real revolution in Reproductive Medicine. It is the most advanced incubator that exists, the most modern technology applied to assisted reproduction. is an incubator with a camera attached to it, a capturing images system that allows observing, in real time, the embryo’s cells division and registering the evolution of the embryos every minute, 24 hours a day.
Embryoscope incubator
Advantages: 1. Less manipulation of the embryos. It allows observing the embryos without the need to take them out of the incubator and bring them to the microscope. 2. Better Culture Conditions. The embryos are supported in very stable conditions, without changes in temperature or PH. 3. More Information about the embryos, which allows a better selection of the embryos with a higher potential to end in pregnancy.
Traditionally, the embryos could only be observed once a day, that way there was no information between one observation and the other. With the appearance of the Embryoscope, we can observe constantly the embryos while they are inside the incubator, in optimal conditions for their development.

Image Record

The patients have access to a film of their future babies’ first days of life. This way they can visualize the first divisions starting when the embryo is just one cell.