Egg vitrification

Stop your biological clock

Not only does female fertility naturally decline with age, but a woman’s biological clock also speeds up with time. So, after the age of 35, a woman’s reproductive capacity decreases exponentially, making it difficult for a woman to have a spontaneous pregnancy with her own eggs after the age of 40.

Vitrification or ultra-fast egg freezing allows a woman to protect against the passing of time, to postpone her reproductive capacity for as long as she wants, so that her eggs maintain the same reproductive potential they had at the moment when they were frozen. This gives you the peace of mind that, despite getting older, your eggs will be “forever young”, a fact that exponentially increases your possibilities of a pregnancy in the future. It is the safest and most efficient way of preserving your fertility, an investment for the future. Vitrified eggs are simply an “insurance policy”, in case, when you decide to be a mother, you have difficulties achieving it.

What is egg vitrification or freezing?

It is a pioneering technique, which, in contrast to traditional methods of egg freezing, allows eggs to be frozen without ice crystals forming in the cell interior, and, as such, protects the cellular structure of the egg against damage. The high speed freezing process used during vitrification (15,000 ºC/min.) ensures that the eggs are protected and that, once defrosted, they preserve all of their reproductive potential.

Step by step

Egg vitrification or freezing: STEP BY STEP

The process involved in egg freezing or vitrification is the same as the one that takes place during in Vitro Fertilisation treatment.

The first step is to hormonally stimulate the ovaries (lasting approximately 2 weeks) until the day of the follicular puncture: the moment when the eggs are extracted. Afterwards the eggs are vitrified in the laboratory and preserved, indefinitely, in liquid nitrogen at -196ºC until they are needed, without their reproductive potential being affected by time.

Minimal disruption

Your time is precious; your eggs are even more so. Therefore, once you have made the decision to freeze your eggs, you can do it immediately. At GIREXX, we want to make it as easy as possible and avoid unnecessary visits. That’s why we have concentrated the treatment into 2 visits to our centre.

Who can benefit from egg vitrification or freezing?


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