I want to be a mother on my own


Assisted reproduction techniques let single women to become mothers without having a partner.  There are different options, from artificial insemination to embryo donation, and depending on each patient (age, ovarian reserve, etc) we will offer you the most suitable in your particular case.


Who can be a single mother?

Any adult woman in full possession of her mental faculties can choose to become a single mother, independent of her marital status and sexual orientation. 

Assisted reproduction techniques for single mothers?

The variety of techniques available is vast, both the complexity and the price, but sperm donor is always necessary (anonymous):

1. Artificial insemination with sperm donor (DAI)

It is a simpler method that implies the hormonal stimulation and ovulation monitoring. At the optimal moment, the enhanced sperm is put inside the uterus in order to reach the egg more easily. 

It is necessary a suitable ovarian reserve and fallopian tube permeable.

2. In vitro Fertilization with own eggs and sperm donor (IVF)

The fertilization takes place in the laboratory; the embryos are kept developing within the incubator for 5 days until the embryo with the higher pregnancy potential is transferred into the womb.

It is a complex technique, but with higher pregnancy rates, specially indicated in cases of tubal obstruction (of the Fallopian tubes), endometriosis, ovulation defects, previous AID failure, etc.

3. In vitro fertilization with donor eggs and sperm donor

When the ovarian reserve is not enough (quality/quantity) the in vitro fertilization must be performed using eggs from a donor. 

It has the highest pregnancy rates (over 70%)

4. Embryo donation o embryo adoption

Embryos are donated from previous IVF cycles, and then transferred into the uterus of the recipient woman.

It is an easy method, more affordable, and implies the endometrial preparation for the embryo implantation.

Over 20 years,  GIREXX team has been helping our patients to find the technique more suitable for them. 



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