Girexx always by your side


Nowadays, although COVID-19 is limiting our meetings, Girexx team is giving you support continuously. We offer our patients video call as a good option to replace fertility consultations by on-line ones.

For more than 10 years we have been helping patients from all over Europe, facilitating treatment abroad and minimizing unnecessary trips.


At you can find a private zone through which all documents and medical tests can be sent, in a safe and confidential way. From the first moment, our international department will be in touch, and they will guide and help you with everything you could need for your visit. 

From this moment, if you choose the video call option, a gynecologist will contact you on-line, and despite of the distance, always with the same warmth and professionalism. 

1. Medical test checking:

  • Medical record.
  • Hormonal test (FSH,LH, AMH, etc)
  • Echography / histerosalpingography
  • Kariotype
  • Semen analysis

2. Fertility diagnosis

3. Medical treatment proposal / personalized treatment (artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, egg donation, sperm bank, etc.) 

4. Personalized monitoring of your treatment.



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