Freezing your eggs, an option with a future



During the last few months, it has come to light that some technological brands like Apple or Facebook assume the costs of their employees’ egg vitrification treatments.

The decision to postpone maternity or becoming a mother after the age of 35, should always be a personal option, chosen freely and not because of work pressure.

A woman who wants to become a mother, either for medical reasons (cancer procedures where chemotherapy has harmful effects on the ovary or early menopause) or personal, social, work, etc. and is conscious that now is not the right time; that is to say, she wants to postpone her maternity, knows that the egg freezing is the best option.

A healthy lifestyle, a correct nutrition, doing exercise regularly, among others, can make us look younger, but the biological clock of the eggs keeps on working at the same rhythm, and, independently of the care of the body, in any case this biological clock can be paused and not only this, but time speeds up. That is, the quantity and quality of the eggs decline with age, at an accelerating pace from the age of 35, being almost impossible to get pregnant in a natural way from the age of 40.

The ultra fast freezing of the eggs (egg vitrification), allows to maintain their reproductive potential intact during the time that is necessary; and what’s more important, with the biological age and, therefore, with the quality of the egg at the moment that has been frozen.

For this reason, the earlier the eggs are frozen, the more there will be and the best quality they will have; so if in the moment when you want to become mother, there are some difficulties to reach it, you will have the option of using the frozen eggs with the aid of the assisted reproduction techniques.

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