Egg Vitrification

Women’s fertility decreases naturally with age, simultaneously their biological clock accelerates. At 35 years of age the reproductive capacity of a woman starts diminishing exponentially, making it very difficult for a woman in her 40’s or older to get a pregnancy spontaneously using her own eggs. Vitrification or Oocyte ultraquick freezing, protects eggs from the passage of time. Thus, a woman can lengthen her reproductive capacity as long as she wishes, keeping the reproductive potential of her eggs unaltered to that of the moment of their freezing. This way, a woman does not need to worry about getting old as to having a child because her eggs will be “eternally young”, which increases exponentially her chances to become a mother in the future. It is the safest and most efficient technique to preserve a woman’s fertility, an investment for the future. Vitrificated oocytes are a sort of “pregnancy insurance” in case you encounter some difficulties when you decide to become a mother.

What is vitrification? What are its advantages?

It is a pioneering technique that unlike other classical freezing methods enables the freezing o eggs preventing the formation of ice crystals in the interior of the cell and in this way it avoids any sort of damage to the cellular structure of the oocyte. The high cooling speed during vitrification (higher than 15,000ºC/min) preserves the egg reproductive potential, being intact after thawing.
vitrified oocytes

Who can benefit from vitrification?

Science makes giant strides, what seemed nearly impossible only a few years ago is a reality today. The efficiency of the technique allows various groups of women to take advantage of its implantation:
Women between 30 and 40 years of age that for personal, work or family reasons want to postpone their fertility and be reassured about preserving their chances to become a mother in the future also in case they cannot get a pregnancy spontaneously. Young women without children that have to undergo a chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment, which might entail a high risk of ovarian function loss. Thanks to the freezing of their eggs, these women will have the chance to become a mother after this difficult moment of their life. Women with family medical records of early menopause.