Required tests for first appointment

Gynaecological tests Validity
Smear test (if negative 2 years)
Vaginal ultrasound scan 6 months
Vagina Chlamydia cultures when indicated 2 months
Hysterosalpingography (in insemination treatments) 1 year
Hysteroscopy (in embryo transfer treatments) 6 months
Blood test Validity
Complete blood count 3 months
Blood group and Rh Always
Liver and kidney function test (SGOT, SGTP, PLAP, total bilirubin, creatinine) 3 months
Serology; Rubeola IgC, HBsAg, C Hepatitis antibodies, VIH 1, VIH 2, Toxoplasmosis IgC 3 months
Hormonal; FSH, Estradiol (3rd day of cycle) 3 months
Other Validity
Karyotypes Always
Records of previous cycles of fertility treatments Always
Mammography / Mammary ultrasound scan 3 months