Other Services


  • Male infertility tests
  • Testicular biopsy
  • Epididymal sperm aspiration
  • Vasectomy
  • Vasovasostomy


  • Follow-up prenatal examinations
  • Preparation for parenthood
  • Labour and delivery assistance
  • Postnatal care (puerperium)
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation

Espai Mares

A Girexx we would also accompany pregnancy and parenting of your child and created a space dedicated to motherhood guided by midwives: Espai Mares It is a space where we hear all your concerns and questions, which will help and offer support with a humane treatment that will give you security, strength and growth for these magical moments in the life of a family. From Espai Mares we offer autonomy in decision making through reflection, dialogue and personal enrichment. The activities we offer are:
  • Preparation motherhood
  • Yoga for Pregnancy
  • Infant Massage
For more information please call Girexx or visit our website: www.espaimares.cat


Fertility problems can be the cause and consequence of some kind of sexual dysfunction. That is the reason why we have incorporated in our center a specific sexology consultation where we will be able to tackle these issues with the utmost professionalism but also with the warmth that is needed.

Unfortunately, sexual health is an area which is often forgotten in the field of health and we are confident that in this consultation we will help women and couples to resolve certain conflicts that make decrease significantly their quality of life.